Mark Wiens: Mexican Street Food 🇲🇽 GIANT ADOBADA TROMPO + Bone Marrow Tacos in Tijuana, Mexico!! (Part 1)

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Get ready for the ultimate Mexican street food tour of Tijuana, Mexico. I’ve never eaten so many tacos, and been so happy in a 14 hour period in my life. This is just Part 1, but Part 2 was the same day. Stay tuned! #MexicanFood #streetfood #tacos Thanks to my friend Jeffrey Merrihue (…) for arranging this tour. When you’re in Santa Monica, go eat at his restaurant, Heroic Italian ( where you’ll find the best sandwich. San Diego, USA - The first part of this Mexican street food tour started in California, where we drove to the border and parked the car. This is the first time I think I’ve ever crossed a border on foot and gone straight to a street a food tour. All went smoothly. Tijuana, Mexico - Welcome to Tijuana where a van was ready to pick us up and take us on this ultimate Tijuana street food tour. So happy to be back in Mexico. One of the best things about Tijauana is that it’s a city that attracts people from all over Mexico, and so you’ll find all regional variations of Mexican food.

Tacos Mike - Tijuana, Mexico - We started at a small stall outside a tire shop where they served all sorts of mixed tacos. I had the Taco de chile relleno, a chile stuffed with cheese and fried and covered in salsas. Mariscos Ruben -

We continued next to Marisocs Ruben, known for their unique small rolled tacos with cheese and marlin. They were unbelievably tasty Aqui Es Texcoco - Tijuana, Mexico -

Next we went to Paco’s restaurant, where they serve barbacoa, Texcoco style. It was amazing, and we also had the whole head, including some real deal eye tacos. Xolo Tacos - Tijuana, Mexico -

Next on this Mexican street food tacos tour, we went to Xolo Tacos to eat their insane bone marrow taco. It’s a birria taco, or a Tijuana red taco, but exploding with bone marrow. Tacos El Gallito - Adobada Tacos -

Next stop, we met up with Adrian Mejia -… - to eat Tijuana adobada tacos from the trompo - the vertical shawarma style spit. Unbelievable. Many more tacos and delicious food coming in Part 2.


Part II of Mark Wiens Tijuana taco tour with an original Caesar salad at Caesar’s Hotel starting at about the 7:00 mark until 13:19:

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Mariscos el Mazateño - Shrimp Enchilado - This place was absolutely amazing - and I knew it was going to be good when we walked in in the middle of the afternoon and it was packed. We had a couple different tacos, including the marlin with octopus, but the winner was the shrimp enchilado, a huge taco stuffed with spiced shrimp and cheese.

Caesar’s Hotel - Original Caesar’s salad - Although this doesn’t fit in the Mexican street food theme, there was no way we could visit Tijuana without trying the original Caesar’s salad - where Caesar Cardini invented it. It was awesome, to see the entire process made before you and it was everything it needed to be, no more and no less. Must eat when you’re in Tijuana, Mexico.

Tacos El Vaquero - Carne Asada - This small stall late at night in Tijuana is a winner - their Sonoran style carne asada is out of this world. They grill up steaks of your choice, slice them up, into tortillas, and you have a choice of salsa. Absolutely stunning.

Tacos Fitos - Tijuana, Mexico - Finally, this is the tacos tall in Tijuana that we missed in the morning the day before because they had already sold out. But we came back the next morning. Not only are their Tijuana red oil birria tacos the best I’ve ever had, but their taco master is by far the fastest taco maker I’ve ever seen. Unbelievable, you will have dreams about Tacos Fitos.

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You’ve gotten me addicted to this guy and he’s ended up in my YT feed.

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Yes bbqboy me too! Mark’s enthusiasm and his famous yummy face is hard to resist if you like food.


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Mariscos El Conchal - Tijuana, Mexico - But first, in the morning before leaving Tijuana, we thought it would be a great idea to get started eating some seafood to get warmed up. At Mariscos El Conchal, their crab tostadas are out of this world, and we had an amazing fresh seafood shellfish cocktail as well. Amazing place to eat when you’re in Tijuana.

Tacos El Yaqui - Perrones Tijuana - Then on the way to Popotla, further south in Baja California, we stopped at Tacos El Yaqui for legendary carne asada. Their huge tacos were amazing.

Mariscos La Estrella - Popotla, Mexico - But the real highlight of the day was arriving to Popotla for the amazing seafood. The fishing village community is a full seafood market where you can get anything from the sea. But the big ticket is the spider martian crabs. At Mariscos La Estrella, she fried them up, simple and extremely delicious. When you go to Popotla, go say hi and have a meal at Mariscos La Estrella as she is rebuilding her restaurant!

Welcome to Ensenada, Mexico! Known for its port and cruise ships, Ensenada is a Mexican street food and seafood paradise. In this Mexican street food tour of Ensenada, we started with a moon fish soup, then headed to eat at one of the world’s best street food stalls, ate some smoked fish, and finally finished this tour with the original fish tacos. What a day of Mexican street food in Ensenada! #Ensenada #MexicanFood #streetfood

Thanks to my friend Jeffrey Merrihue (…) for organizing this trip. And to Scott Koenig:… and Paco Perez: for arranging this tour.

La Opah Del Güero - Moonfish restaurant - On our drive from Tijuana to Ensenada, in Baja California, we stopped just outside Ensenada to eat a unique and rare soup made from moonfish. It was delicious, and incredibly comforting.

La Guerrerense - Sabina Bandera is a culinary hero. Anthony Bourdain called her stall the best street food in the world, and he was right in every way. Her warm personality is what will first invite you in - she’s one of the friendliest ladies in the world. That paired with her unbelievable seafood combinations on top of tostadas and sauces your tongue can’t believe, and you truly have one of the best street food stalls in the world. It was unbelievable, I’m still dreaming about the tostadas at La Guerrerense.

Ahumadora Pacifico - Smoked Fish - Next we stopped around the corner for some Ensenada style smoked fish.

Tacos Fenix - Fish Tacos - Known for serving the original fish tacos, there is no way you want to miss this Mexican street food treasure in Ensenada. It’s simple and delicious and nothing more and nothing less than you want it to be. Fried fish, fresh tortilla, salsas, and cabbage.

Tacos Corona - Fish Tacos - Additionally, across the street, there’s another fish taco stall that some mentioned they loved as well. And so naturally we needed to try both. Tacos Corona were amazing, fresh fish, great tortilla, and again, a myriad of delicious salsas. And that completes this amazing Mexican street food tour of Ensenada, it was an incredible day or dreamworthy tacos and tostadas.

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