Mark Wiens food videos from Bangladesh 2022


I was a subscriber on his channel for a year or two, but his constant praising of all the food he tastes - no matter what type and where in the world he eats it - made me realise he’s just smiling all the time and praising the food to continue the success of his channel.

He looks like the most pleasant and smiling human ever, but after a while he comes off as kind of a gimmick to me.


mmm, that food looks so good, thanks for sharing!

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Yes, he’s gimmicky, and praises everything orgasmically. Worse, he’s increasingly accepting “sponsorships” from airlines, hotel chains, etc., in return for pushing their food and amenities. And when it comes to paces I know, such as Boston, he picks such standard, mediocre, touristy places that you have to question how good his choices are at other locations.

Yet, and it’s a big yet, he takes me to locations that I would not have thought of visiting and he introduces me to obscure foods in out-of-the-way places. For that I watch him, and thank him.

(But, man, the size of his mouth, let alone the capacity of his stomach. He can take a fistful of food of a size that would take me at least 5 bites to get in, open his jaws and slide the entire thing in, in one swoop.)


from YouTube:

KUSHTIA, BANGLADESH - Tonight we are continuing on our street food tour in Kushtia, at night when so many different street foods come alive. We’ll go to eat two of the greatest of all Bangladeshi street foods - fuchka and chotputi.

So we headed out in the evening and chotputi. Chotputi is a huge mix of chickpeas and potato, a mix of spices and green chilies, tamarind dressing, and crunchy puri shells, all mixed with shredded egg and extra chilies. It’s hearty, it’s extremely tasty, and it’s one of the best street food snacks in Bangladesh. Chotpoti - 50 Taka ($0.58)

Next we headed down the street to eat fuchka, which is similar to pani puri or golgappa, but the Bangladeshi version. And pani puri is typically served with water on the inside one by one, but fuchka is served with the tamarind water and juices on the side so you do it yourself. It’s one of the world’s greatest street foods. So good, an unbelievable amount of flavor. Fuchka - 50 Taka ($0.58)

Haleem is another classic dish available across the Indian subcontinent. The Bangladeshi version here in Kushtia was fantastic - loaded with spic and green chili. We continued this Bangladeshi street food tour in the center of the city, eating some pakoras made with stink vine leaves - they are very well known to have a seriously stinky aroma, but a delicious taste when cooked. The pakoras were amazing.

Another fantastic night of eating street food in Bangladesh!..

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I think someone on youtube did a video on Mr. Wiens not liking food - a montage or something.

He would have a nervous smile that suppressed his action reaction.

I think he smiles and doesn’t say the food stinks out of respect for the guys cooking it and that allowed him to film them. It could be out of politeness (and fear) to avoid rude behavior.

I still watch him because I do feel like he’s taking me to places I never been to and I get to see all these exotic cool and entertaining things in the real world from my television.

and it’s all free.


from YouTube:

One of my favorite dishes of the entire trip, in all of Bangladesh, is ilish fish cooked with fresh mustard paste and mustard oil. It’s like mustard on top of mustard and the pungent flavor is so incredibly tasty when smashed into rice.

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