Marjan Kebab House to open in Larchmont...

The cuisine of Persia (Iran) will soon have another outlet in Larchmont on Boston Post Road, between Larchmont Ave. and Sherwood’s. A pretty tiled sign already announces the eatery. Look for a variety of Kebabs prepared on open flame, Wraps, Vegetarian specialties, Rice dishes and Stews.
Noticed another Marjan Kebab House online in Morristown, N.J. Don’t know if they are related…

This will be a great addition to the area! drove by yesterday, still not open. Anyone know when they plan on opening?

Hi David,

Thank you for writing about us. I am so happy that you have noticed us. :slight_smile:) Our grand opening is on Tuesday.

Hope to see you if you live around.

Thank you


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We finally had a chance to eat at Marjan Kebab House this weekend; here’s my review:

The restaurant is small; only seats maybe 20-24 people in total. Very cosy and friendly atmosphere, almost seems like you’re in someone’s living room. Service is excellent, very friendly. The owner/chef, Marjan is there, and is happy to talk about her cooking. She explained a few things about some of the ingredients she uses.

The food was excellent, we had the slow cooked lamb shank, the lamb kebob and the chicken kebob served with berberries (small red berries similar to currants/groseilles). Everything cooked very well.

Sadly they were out of the saffron ice cream and another dessert which sounded great but I forget the name of. But the baklava was excellent.

They don’t serve alcohol but you can bring your own bottle of wine (which I always prefer anyway!).

One small suggestion for Marjan - more diversity on the menu would be great. For example, some stews (khoresh) especially the ones with preserved lemons, and maybe some more interesting appetizers (in addition to the hommos, falafel, etc. which are pretty common at other local places.

We will be back. You should definitely try this restaurant, we need more restaurants like this locally!

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It is on my list. Thanks for the report, nyexplorer. She may just be starting with a limited menu since it is new…

David, thanks for the report. This is one of my favorite kinds of food so even though Larchmont is quite a trip for me I have to put this on my to-try list. Is there a website? How does it compare to Shiraz in Elmsford if you’ve been there?

Here you go

Looking forward to your report

I think the biggest thing I’m looking for in a Persian restaurant in Westchester, and you can also count NYC as well, is that flavorful Tahdig every Persian raves about. I swear, we need some of Los Angeles’s Persian food to be brought here. So far, including this restaurant with it’s menu (although I can understand the limited menu variety), I have not seen that type of variety with dishes that some LA restaurants include with their menu.

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