Mario Batali, the latest to fall..................

I’m pretty sure these rumors have been around for awhile so I’m not so sure it comes as a surprise. When I saw this on the news the first time, I confused him for David Burke, my prediction is he will be the next to be exposed. Perhaps not the same level of fame, but the same reputation.

He was exposed, admitted some things and “apologized” months ago …

But now it’s criminal and the slammer is involved. Also implications for his business partners.


No so new news… he’s in the process of divesting himself from restaurants selling to his business partners.
The criminal investigation is new, however the statute of limitations will likely apply to some allegations.
It’s unfortunate this was not brought forward years ago (while at the same time I understand it’s complicated)

Don’t Cosby’s go back pretty far?

States have different lengths for their various statutes of limitations.

Cosby was accused of a large number of offenses, but the SOL shielded him from prosecution for many of them. Pennsylvania’s SOL hadn’t tolled yet so that’s how he ended up as a defendant there.

As far as Mario Batali, it depends on what he’s charged with. New York recently abolished any statute of limitations for rape.

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