Marina O'Loughlin's Top 50 favourites - today's Guardian

Her Top 10:–

Sportsman, Whitstable
Epicurean, Bristol
Som Saa, London
Quality Chop House, london
Good Shed, Canterbury
Bocca di Lupo, London
Clove Club, London
Bob Bob Ricard, London
Birch, Bristol
Roti King, London

Certainly agree with her on the Sportsman but not the Goods Shed (although it’s a while since I ate there). Dunno about others.

Roth King is fantastic and well worth the queue.

John, I know you remember we were a bit underwhelmed with a return visit to the Sportsman, but it might just be we’ll be there again… and again. We just found out my husband’s sister has moved to Whitstable!

Yep, I do recall. I’ve eaten there three times now. Twice on the tasting menu which was wonderful both times. Once on an evening when the tasting wasnt available and, truth be told, dinner was just “good”.

Yes, I definitely think the tasting menu is the way to go.

The only one I’ve been to was Quality Chop House which we very much enjoyed. This prompted me to book a table again for next week! I’ve tried a few times to get into Som Saa and there’s always a queue, but many people have told me that it’s good.

There are some others in her wider list which are also good - definitely worth a look.

Som Saa was hit and miss. Some things were delicious but others just standard. I liked the clams and the essarn sausage was my favourite dish. Som Tam was ok - Pork Belly lacked in potency and complexity - it was tasty but got too sweet after a few mouthfuls.