Marina O'Loughlin - a sad loss

One of the pleasures of a Saturday morning has been to read Marina’s restaurant reviews in The Guardian. And I’ve just read her last review. Such a shame.

She’s moving to the Sunday Times, taking over the slot of the late A A Gill. I’ll not be following her there - the Murdoch press is at the very opposite end of the politcial spectrum to my beliefs and I will not put money into their coffers.

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That’s a shame, although not as sad a situation as I’d inferred from the subject of your post!

Have the guardian announced a new food critic?

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I don’t think so, Lex.

I suppose we’ll have to wait till Saturday to find out.

On the good news front, Jay Rayner reviews a Cambodian place on the other side of town that I’d not heard of before, so that’s now on the “to visit” list - apparently there’s only two Canbodian restaurants in the UK.

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I’ll miss her reviews, too: enjoy the way she uses the language.

Wishing her the best of luck.

If it doesn’t have deep fried Tarantulas on the menu it can’t be genuine…!

Likewise. I suspect Giles Coren is also a good read but nothing will tempt me to cross the pay wall. MoL always struck me as quite radical and her style does seem at odds with my perception of the ST readership. Obviously a bigger gig and hope she is successful but quite a change for Metro and The Guardian.

Disappointed she is moving on as I am getting a little weary of Jay Rayner. IMO is a vein of self promotion that runs through his reviews and that irks me. The final straw for me was his review of the Limehouse Jazz restaurant, the first third of which was a promotion for his bands new recording. I still read him but for me his star has faded.

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I’ve always enjoyed the fact that she manages to seek out quirky, very casual places and I hope she continues to do so. She’s written about a couple of places near me, one of which I’ve been going to for years.

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Wow this is sad! Loved her use of language but also refuse to give my money to ST. Can’t stand GC’s views on food tbh and haven’t quite forgiven Jay Rayner for paraphrasing a friend’s CH post in a review in 2008 - some of his stuff is inspired but I tend to hold a grudge.
Oh well - we will just have to be more prolific on here I suppose :slight_smile:

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Me too. My longest running one is against an ex-manager in the early 80s. He’s probably dead by now but that’s no reason to forgive. :smiling_imp:

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Well, Felicity Cloake does this week’s restaurant review. There’s no mention as to whether this is permanent or not.

I usually enjoy her midweek recipe column but I think reviewing is a new thing for her.

I do enjoy FC’s “How to Cook” column - its my first reference point when researching a recipe far more reliable than random recipes from the internet.

Quite enjoyer her review this week - I can see it developing well. It would be good to see a rotating set of reviewers especially if they could get some of the other recipe writers to do a few.

Definitely not! Haha. Inspect a Gadget has been filling me with extreme joy as far as home cooking columns go!

Will have to check out FC’s piece this week

Me too. Although there’s yet to be one that I would consider buying - even though there is space in the cupboard, next to the now never used toastie machine.

I’m genuinely baffled how you have free space in your kitchen. I thought it was an immutable law of the universe that pantry contents immediately swell to overfill any available space.

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