Marina Grille, Belmar

I see that this dock/drive/dine has finally opened… Anyone been yet? @NotJrvedivici got any intel for us? All I know is they spent a lot of $$$$ to build it and they at least got the opening timing right… I also just read that the same group runs the 9th Ave Pier (haven’t been there either). Anyone?

Nah…I don’t have any inside info. They received something like 6 million for development and it’s managed by Chef’s International which are mostly known for the dud’s Lobster Shanty and Warfside in Point. These places have survived on their location alone for over 20 years, so knowing their history I have a hard time expecting anything but the same from this.

I will certainly be giving it a try, but nothing good that I know of has come from Chef’s International since they were involved with Robert Brennan.

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Chef’s International defines the Jersy Shore adage that restaurants with best water views are sure to have the worst food.

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I keep looking for places like I found in the Keys. Little funky places with great food just sitting on the water. No pretense, all locals and wonderful. Sadly, here in greedy-land, if you see water, drink - don’t eat.

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That’s pretty much what I was expecting when I read that it was run by a GROUP. Yeesh.

As close as you will get, Boondocks in Red Bank or Reds Lobster Pot in Point Pleasant.

Good timing @NotJrvedivici Boondocks opens for the season tonight. Last year we would go to Boondocks on a Tuesday or Wednesday for their two for one lobster dinner special. Bring a cooler and sit outside and enjoy the view.


How does one go about getting 6 million for development?

My honest guess, donate $600k to the mayors election campaign.

Pretty good returns though.

I mean if you do the math on the money being put into this place the answer is obvious…every single thing for sale at this place will be a complete ripoff.

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From what I read, the town owns the land/building–these guys are operating the restaurants on that land.

Someone once asked me to name my favorite waterfront dining place. My answer was my back deck.


The 6 mil number is what it cost the town to construct the building which is built on township property and Chefs Int has a concession agreement to operate at the location. I’m not sure what, if any, skin in the game Chefs Int actually has in the project. One would imagine the build out and finish of the space could be the tenants responsibility however that’s strictly conjecture on my behalf.

Yeah, it looks like the town built the thing and is leasing it out. 24 million over 50 years, 250k a year initially. How the hell do you score a 6 million$ (and that’s JUST CONSTRUCTION?) building for 250k a year?

Edit: It sounds like Chefs Intl is footing the 6 mil construction, not Belmar.

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Yesterday we went for a family lunch, arriving at 11:30. Even though it was cool we planned on eating outside. There was some confusion from the Hostess as to where we could sit since we were one more than would fit in their largest outside table. We managed just fine. At that time of the day there were lots of tables available.

We all ordered something different…ranging from a Burger to the Seafood Combo. The food was very good but not outstanding.

Our server was “spot on” although they are not yet up to full staff.

The big negative is parking. There just isn’t enough
and it is shared by the Marina. Can’t imagine how bad it will be this summer.

Would we go back? Absolutely. Loved the outdoor space.

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“Very good” is quite the upgrade for a Chef Int. establishment, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Just out of curiosity how many of you were there that you exceeded their largest outside table limit?

Our server was “spot on” although they are not yet up to full staff.

Interesting and good as well, given their location and seasonality of their business 90% of the summer staff are going to be college students, having “spot on” service is certainly a good thing.

I look forward even more no now to checking it out!

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The largest outdoor table seats 6, we were 7. The alternative were picnic tables in a rear shady area.

We were lucky with our server. Around us we could see others who were having a hard time. Living here at the Shore I appreciate how hard it is to get servers prior to school vacations. Now, with all the new restaurants, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a shortage this summer.


Same thing McLoone’s Boathouse did in West Orange, The land and the building was put up by Essex County as per McLoone’s specs then McLoone just signed a lease.

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Marina Grille’s picturesque setting and panoramic water views along the Shark River are second to none. Best place in Belmar to watch the sunset. That said, at peak dinner time, you will wait over an hour for a table. We prefer going there for lunch when it is not so crowded. We have tried a few things on the menu. Our go-to so far is the grilled octopus appetizer.

Mean to share the link to our Belmar Beachcomber blog about the Marina Grill yesterday if you are interested in seeing pictures of the place, as well as the grilled octopus salad and crab dip. (Please ignore the preview image below – not sure why the actual blog preview is not showing, but the link takes you right to the blog about Marina Grille. Technical difficulties, I suppose.)