Marigold Cafe, Spring Lake

Friends from DE were in town and had stayed in Spring Lake, so I wanted to find a local spot for lunch, and we ended up at Marigold Cafe. I could swear it’s been mentioned here–but I couldn’t find anything. Maybe one of you told me about it when we were sharing a meal? In any case, a pleasant surprise, and I’ll definitely return.

I had the baby spinach/medjool date/marcona almond salad, with parmesan and a lemon + honey vinaigrette and I added grilled (jumbo) shrimp for an additional $6(?).

My friend had a grilled eggplant ‘wrap’ that was actually served in a grilled garlic naan. It had avocado herb spread, carrots, cucumber, tomato, and feta. ($10-12…I can’t remember, and their website doesn’t show prices (GRR).

Was it over-the-top gourmet? No–but we both ate every bite put in front of us, the service was terrific, and the prices very reasonable. The place was 1/2 full when we arrived around 12:15 and bursting when we left an hour or so later.

Then I took her to Mossuto’s to get bread, because after 4 years in DE, she still complains she can’t get good bread (Italian or otherwise). She was THRILLED with the loaves she bought. :slight_smile: Fwiw, I had given her the option of having lunch there, but we agreed we didn’t want to sit in a dark restaurant on such a nice day.


I’m glad to hear that you liked it. I second everything you said. I think we discussed it over dinner one time. The one thing on my must have list is the duck confit hash. It’s really amazing!

That eggplant wrap sounds delicious! I’m putting it on my to eat list!

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I knew someone I trusted had mentioned this place! :grin::grin::grin:

Good to know. We end up at Spring Lake beach a lot lately. Thanks for the tip!

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Definitely kid-friendly! I’d say 1/2 the room were ladies lunching (a 60+ crowd) but the rest was a full mix of families and younger people. Oh, and did I mention it’s across the street (in those little condo-looking stores) from Hoffman’s?!? :heart_eyes:

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