Mari’s Mogura Sake Bar [San Francisco, Japantown]

Mari’s Mogura Sake Bar / Club Mari’s is a cool little bar in the Kinokuniya building in Japantown. It has an entrance inside next to Marufuku and also a street level entrance on Post Street. They have food and karaoke in addition to sake, sake cocktails, and other drinks.

I had a drink and a snack here, the Sake Martini ($13) to drink, which had sake, gin, and a candied umeboshi as garnish. It tasted a lot like a martini but with sake replacing the vermouth and a picked plum replacing the olive.

To snack on, I had the Onigiri Box ($20), which had two onigiri where you pick the fillings - I got them with mentaiko and salmon, Takuan pickles, a potato croquette, little hot dogs, and tamagoyaki. There were some packets of ketchup, mustard, and sauce for the croquette on the side. Pretty good! You can also get the onigiri by themselves with various filling options. They also have other dishes like takoyaki, oden, ramen, and okonomiyaki.

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