Margaritas for a crowd

Hi - we are having a fiesta themed birthday party at our house and I want to make a huge batch of margaritas. Has anyone made a big batch without using bottled sour mix? I can’t stand that stuff. I found one recipe that uses limeade concentrate which is interesting. I’m trying to avoid squeezing 200 limes…


The limeade concentrate /triple sec thing actually works great. Make the recipe in a pitcher for on the rocks, or in a blender for frozen. We’ve adjusted the proportions up considerably and it still works. After a while nobody is too picky. :wink:


LOL! That’s what I am hoping! Thanks for the input!

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There’s a frozen Minute Maid brand limeade that is really good, not as sweet as other brands. And just buy waaaaay more ice than you ever think you could need.
I’m pro-salted rim so it would be nice to have that option

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Good idea on the salt. I will add that to my list. Thanks!

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Hi - so just to update. We did a huge batch of margaritas and they were an enormous hit. Instead of using limeade/triple sec we just greatly multiplied our regular ratio. I did a test using bottled lime juice and you couldn’t tell the difference! I made a big batch of simple syrup (1:1 sugar to water, heat just until the sugar completely dissolves). The regular ratio we use is 2 oz tequila to 3/4 oz lime juice to 3/4 oz simple syrup top with seltzer to the desired strength. We did 2 liters of tequila to 25.5 oz lime juice to 25.5 oz simple syrup. Super easy!