March 27 -- Journée de Fromage in France and a Good Listing of Cheese Shops in Paris

This coming Monday is Journée du Fromage. Curiously so, because the great majority of cheese shops are closed on Monday.

Plenty of recommendations here to be explored, the many of which are unknown to me and provide food for exploring:

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Yum! Curious if you have tried Monbleu Le Comptoir? It’s quite near me, and I’m often in the mood for some wine and cheese. I’m also always a bit shy about places like this, going on my own (maybe part of it), but mostly sometimes looking for something like this spontaneously and wonder if it is okay to go without a reservation? Maybe off times…? Anyway, thanks for this list and the nudge to explore cheese on Monday!

I’ve been to the Monbleu on the rue du Faubourg Montmartre, but not the one you are talking about, and have found the cheese and the food at the restaurant portion to be good. You can always go in just to examine the cheese selection and if it looks like there are spots free (I expect there will be), ask to be seated.

Merci, if/when I go, will report back!