Marandola's, Bradley Beach

I’ve seen this place but haven’t been, as Italian just never crosses my mind when I think about what I want to eat, but this review could sway me. Has anyone been?

They have tator tots with parm and truffle aioli, I would go just to try that

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I know nothing about it expect that the Venezuelan restaurant that used to be in that location had great breakfasts.

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Mark Marandola is a great guy and a great chef. Enjoyed many a great meal at Scalini Fideli in Chatham while he was at the helm, the kind of guy who would wow your palate from the kitchen and drive you home if you’d cracked a third bottle of wine. I would love to check his place out, but if we drive to Bradley Beach The Grand Tavern looms so large, so very large…


It’s been years since I’ve been to Scalini Fideli but I know from my days up north that it remains a very good restaurant. I was impressed when I read that he had worked there. Definitely on the list to try…