Map does not display. Will be fixed.

Looks like the restaurant discussion map is not showing after we upgraded the forum software. We’ll take a look and fix that.

Addition: I think some of the CSS customizations we had ran into some issues after the upgrade.

Looks like the map plugin devs deprecated certain components of the plugin, causing the map to disappear. will have to research further into this.

I was able to get the map to show up again earlier tonight, after i installed the updated map plugin from the developers. But it looks like the latest forum software and the map plugin is clashing with each other causing the site to be massively slow. Others who use this map plugin are seeing the same issue. So for now, I’ve disabled both the location entry for restaurant discussions AND the display of the map, until the developers have a chance to determine the issue.

Fixed. the map is now back for the regional dining discussions.

The larger map view is still a bit quirky with the map only displayed partially.

I am still working with the devs on that one. They haven’t identified the root cause yet.

But there is a quick fix here. Just resize your browser window or pressing the full screen map button at the bottom left corner will fix the issue right away.

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Fixed! The map view now displays the full map instead of a partial map.

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