Manousheh in the W Village

We decided to try the new Middle Eastern place on Bleecker St for Lunch yesterday.
It was nothing short of amazing!
They bake pita bread, both flat and pocket style, fresh for sammiches and wraps. It was very interesting to see how the pocket style pita puffs up in the oven before it’s taken out and cools flat.
Take a look at their menu. They have a nice web site.
We had an avocado & fresh veggie wrap, a Labneh wrap and a kebab wrap. The wraps were substantial and we had leftovers.
We also tried the dessert Kanafeh which was served warm and super tasty.
It’s a tiny place that was buzzing. Very nice counter help too.
I’ll be back.

Thanks, it’s a very good place. However, it’s by no means so new anymore. Was it very crowded? The last several times, it was so crowded, I gave up and went home.

They were busy but we got two great seats in the window watching the West Village sidewalk show go by. Most of the people were doing take away.