Manmi Bakery (Garden Grove) makes the best cream puffs

… and if you dispute me on that, I will fight you. :rofl:

Oh, and their Chapssal doughnuts will scratch your Chinese Sesame Ball itch in no time.

But, really, you need their cream puffs.

Manmi Bakery

8942 Garden Grove Blvd
Ste. #110
Garden Grove, CA

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Hi @ipsedixit ,

Oh snap! :open_mouth: :slight_smile: Thanks for the recommendation and find. :slight_smile:

Hope to get to try them soon. Thanks!

Now you’re talking my language. The pics on Yelp look good but will need to make a trip very soon to verify. If you are ever in Diamond Bar check out Bageloo for their cream puffs. They make my current favorite over Chantilly Patisserie and Nagomi.


Is the Garden Grove location the same as the Koreatown one?

No idea.