Manhattan, Loring Place, dine at the bar

I’m going to be in NY in a couple weeks on a Saturday night. Want to try Loring Place but they have no reservations until 11 pm. Um, that’s past my bedtime! My plan is to get there when they open at 5:30 and grab a seat at the bar for a quick meal before a show. Has anyone been to the restaurant when they open? Wondering if there will be others trying to do the same as me.

Also, if you’ve eaten here, how is the food?

I’m jealous! I’ve tried to go but we went on a busy night at the wrong time and the wait was just epic
Perfect plan to go when they open, that’s my strategy when possible for no reservations restaurants
I’ve heard great feedback about their menu, and with the smaller size options you will be able to have a nice variety even dining alone
Please post back here your thoughts if/when you go!

To follow up, i ended up doing lunch on Saturday as timing for dinner was too tight. They serve from noon to 2:30 so I showed up at 1:50 hoping to snag a seat at the bar and the bar was only about 1/3 full so no problems at all. There were people coming in until 2:30 waiting for a table. Anyone who came in after 2:30 hoping to sit at the bar was told they were closed until dinner.

I enjoyed my food. I sampled two small plates, the baked ricotta with sourdough toast and the asparagus fries. Both delicious. The celery fizz (non alcoholic) drink was tasty but a bit too strong on the ginger for me. The “Hostess” cupcake dessert was good, not too sweet, and the tangerine sherbet delicious. Definitely recommend based on the dishes I had.

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