Manhattan, LES: RIP Kenny Shopsin

Kenny Shopsin, the legendary downtown owner and chef at Shopsin’s General Store, has died.

I never got to eat there, and know it mostly from the wonderful Calvin Trillin NYer piece on him and the restaurant.

And, coincidentally, I just finished his daughter Tamara’s memoir, a tribute to the Village as it used to be.


RIP Kenny you made my sisters favorite muffins!

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Well worth an insider viewing.

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I wanted to eat there - and meet him - since reading Trillin’s piece.

Thanks for the additional links, too.

My favorite thing about Kenny was no bullshit. The guy loved the business.

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RIP. Now I will have to learn to make slutty cakes for myself.

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Sad to hear this, Shopsin’s is certainly a unique iconic restaurant because of him. I’ve eaten there several times, although it’s been a few years since my last visit.
You have to do your research on the menu before visiting, it’s beyond overwhelming!
I didn’t witness his famous attitude, but I certainly respect someone who was so brutally honest much more than false forced politeness and brown nosing

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We were there late June of 2017. Kenny was holding court by the kitchen. Our order included a Jewcy [sp] Lucy for my son. My back was to the kitchen, but my son saw Kenny get up and go in the back. Not long after, I was informed that Kenny himself had handed the JL through the pass. My son said it was the best burger he’s had, though it was gone too fast for anyone else to try it. Thanks, Kenny. Rest easy.