[Manhattan KS] What's interesting?

I’m in town for nearly a week. I’ll be passing through Kansas City, put probably no time to stop.

I know I want to visit the KSU Dairy Bar.

I’m more interested in local flavor than “the best blank ever”. For context, I’m from the Pacific Northwest. I’ll have access to a kitchen, so groceries and farmer’s markets are of interest too.


Are you staying in Aggieville?
You’re pretty much in the Plains equivalent of Corvallis and Pullman. Let me ask a few folks.

“The Chef on 4th street is awesome for breakfast or lunch. Bluestem Bistro in Aggieville is also yummy for lunch. There is a great street taco shop in Aggieville called Taco Lucha. Lastly, Bourbon & Baker offers upscale southern-style food and Harry’s offers upscale dining.

Taphouse is good food and casual.

Depends if you want adult food or college food. Either way he must check out varsity donuts in Aggieville. Red velvet donut is the best I have had anywhere!

Any farmers markets or cattle auction meals?
He’s got the KSU Creamery scoped out.
Does Vista Burger still exist?
Any Mexican?
This is great so far :grin:

Doc Flossie YES! Vista exists!


Harry’s in downtown is the best if you’re wanting something fancy. Coco bolos is good for mexican.”

This is from a FB group which is closed so I’m trying to c&p each suggestion .
I went to KU but I know a fair amount of folks who went to KSU.
Vista is a ground fresh classic drive in and we would frequent the Lawrence one quite a bit.
Are you flying back out of KCI?

I am flying in and out of KCI, but I don’t think I’ll have time to explore Kansas City itself.

Looks like I am the other side of KSU from Aggieville - about 30 minutes by foot.

A cattle auction meal?! What is this?

Auction houses will cook up a meal for everyone on the day of the auction.
Here’s Keith’s Kansas Travel website with lots of quirky places which is what Kansas is good at.


I’ll post more as people suggest stuff.
You’re carless?

Yup, carless. I’m staying with my sister, who does drive, but I am not expecting her to chauffeur me around town.

Per google maps, pretty much the whole town is within an hour by bus or by foot.

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Pretty easy walking town. I’ll report back when I hear more.

Luther's Smokehouse jerky - LeRoy, Kansas\ 400x312

Manhattan, Kansas - Call Hall on the Kansas State University campus has housed the KSU Dairy Processing Plant since 1964. It also has the Dairy Bar where ice cream, milk, cheese, meat and sandwiches are sold to the public. The Call Hall Dairy Bar carries 40 different flavors of ice cream, but only 30 are available at a given time. One of the popular flavors in Purple Pride, which is named for K-State University and is actually blueberry ice cream. My personal favorite is Irish Cream.

The meat section has beef, pork, and lamb plus seasonal items such as smoked turkey, smoked hams, summer sausage, barbeque beef, barbeque pork, wildcat loaf and cheese & meat boxes.

Open Monday through Friday 8AM - 6PM and Saturday 10AM - 4PM. KSU Dairy Bar, 144 Call Hall, Manhattan [(785) 532-1292](tel:(785) 532-1292) Call Hall Dair Bar - Manhattan, Kansas\ 400x303

You gotta stop for bbq, even a to go box to make the plane smell wunderbar.

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