[Manhattan] Forbes: Remembering The Coffee Shop: A New York Institution Is Closing After 28 Years

Milite predicts that this shift will lead to the gradual disappearance of 200- and 300-seat restaurants like Coffee Shop; in their places will come eateries with smaller, more focused menus and limited service. He’s already trying this with Flats Fix, a fast-casual taqueria right next to Coffee Shop on 16th street. Its menu is significantly less complex than Coffee Shop’s, its footprint is smaller and it’s only open for 12 hours a day.


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Eh, it was never that great. I had some good times there (especially in the World Room), but the food was just okay.


True, but there were so many customers, I was surprised to see it out of business. It sure had a good run!

Oh, definitely. There are a lot of not-very-good restaurants that manage to attract plenty of customers for years and years. The Union Square area seems to be an especially welcoming place for them - Japonica, Pete’s Tavern, Friend of a Farmer. All of which I like, despite their not-very-goodness.

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