[Manhattan] Chelsea Market lunch

Any recommendations for weekday lunch eats in Chelsea Market? I’ll only have about an hour or so in between meetings so preferably a place that doesn’t have a huge line (I know may be asking a lot). Was there in 2017 and enjoyed the Tuck Shop Australian Meat pie stand but unfortunately it appears it has since closed. Thanks!

It’s entirely possible that every place will have a huge line. Picking up prepared food at The Lobster Place or Buon Italia will probably be the quickest. Very Fresh Noodles and Los Mariscos are my favorites.

It’s busy at lunch but if you have an hour that should be fine.
Miznon is great, their mushrooms “in a pita” sandwich is a recent discovery. And of course the roasted cauliflower they’re famous for is a must if you haven’t tried it yet.
Lobster place is a good one if you’re in a hurry and like seafood, they have sushi and poke bowls and such

Thanks for the recs! Miznon and Los Mariscos look particularly interesting. Any meats that stand out at Miznon?

Just saw this, but I’m not helpful because I don’t eat meat…! Seriously the mushroom one is the way to go. You could start at Miznon and split the mushroom pita and get the cauliflower and then hit mariscos for fishy tacos or dos toros, they sell the tacos individually