Mangiare Tu, Bradley Beach

Never heard of this place, but they’ve just started following me on IG, so of course, I had to find out who they were. Anyone been? It’s BYO.

“The type of cuisine we offer is what we like to call Italian Soul Food. It’s the kind of food that you can only get from Grandma. Lots of Love go into each dish and we use only the best ingredients. Our Mozzarella, Ricotta, and Grated Parmesan Cheese come from Brooklyn. The meats and fish we use are hand selected regularly by our Executive Chef to ensure the best of quality. Everything is homemade according to family recipes going back 4 generations of restaurateurs. Now when I mean everything I’m talking about Marinara Sauce, Eggplant Caponata, and especially the Meatballs made by Reality TV’s Lana Graziano!”

Interesting. I haven’t heard of it. If we could take a guess, what ratio of Italian restaurants are in Monmouth county compared to “non italian” places? (Not including fast food places, breakfast spots, etc)

One pet peeve is the term “Jersey shore.” No one local says I’m going to "the shore. " You go to the beach :slight_smile:


They also lost me when they spelled Gran Marnier, Gran Mariner

But that’s just me

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Yes but that could be autocorrect. However, a human should spell check too.

No menu prices or descriptions on the dishes…just a listing.

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Looks like the old Bella Sogno site (no great loss if that closed). The menu reads like every other Italian restaurant in the area. It’s gonna be hard for this place to differentiate itself from them - unless of course they push their “celebrity” ties.


I didn’t want to lead the witness, but my first thought was “great… ANOTHER Italian place.“ And then when I started reading their site, I can’t lie—I was turned off by all of the ‘celebrity’ mentions.

“Celebrity” in quotes of course


Holy shit. I just looked and this is pretty wild. The more you delve into it, the more you see. Wow


I just posted that exact sentiment on FB!

Celebrities in their own mind


What are people saying on fb?

Oh. Sorry. Wasn’t referring to the restaurant. My bad. I was commenting on the shore versus beach thing. Someone posted that when you’re from Jersey, it’s called “going to the shore” and I commented that that’s true if you’re from Jersey but don’t live at the shore, but if you live at the shore you go to the beach.


What do you mean no descriptions? It say’s right there they have:

  • Plate of Pasta; what else to you need to know, it’s a plate of friggin pasta!

  • Milanese; pork, chicken sole what does it matter it’s Milanese we’ll give it to you and you’ll like it.

  • Salmon: baked, broiled, stuffed it could valet park your friggin car as long as it’s a Cadillac - last week they had Bronzino but things didn’t work out, so now he sleeps with the fish.

  • Oreganta: We got a case of oregano that fell off a truck going over the Verrezano so from the Belt Parkway to your plate we call that from “Road to Table.”

  • Prices: What do you mean there are no prices? You know what they say Johnny, if ya gotta ask you can’t afford it, now you and your shine box gotta get outta here Johnny!