Mangalica - Hairry Hungarian pigs nearly wiped out by communism

I already knew this (did my research well for my Hungarian holiday) and ate it in Hungary. Extremely fatty meat. I prefer the fat. I rendered mine and made Schmalz with scratchings for spreading on bread.

Btw, also known as “Mangalitsa”. I think this is the Hungarian pronunciation.

Mangalica is a lot more expensive in Austria so I recommend checking it out at least once in Hungary. Even Austrians go to Hungary to buy Mangalica and goose products.

“Mangalitsa” in the UK. One of our local farm shops stocks it, although not reliably. Tasty - but then I’ve yet to come across a pid I didnt enjoy eating.


“MAN-ga-lit-sa” is the Hungarian pronunciation, with the accent on the first syllable. But I have been known to call it “Mangalica” with a hard ‘c’, because what we get in Switzerland is often grown in Spain!

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