Tony Mandola’s is a repeat and repeat place. So why would you pour bottled bbq sauce on a bone marrow!!? Just a bit of salt would have been great.

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Never been but always wanted to go.

What am I missing?

I’ve been going to this place, in different locations, since the 90s when they had seafood spaghetti for $5 on Wednesdays I think it was. It was on West Gray back then. I’m just comfortable there, the food is good, the service is flawless. I love the catfish, and they have great fries right now. They have been through several fry recipes, this one is coated with a flour of some kind before frying which results in an ultra crispy crunch. There is a seafood stuffed poblano I can recommend.

Mr. Tony is married to Mama Ninfa’s daughter Phyllis, and they are both there most days. The restaurant is linked to El Tiempo and Laurenzo’s and you may see the three names together on patio umbrellas and promotional materials. The menu is a fusion of Cajun/Italian. So get your shrimp po-boy and pasta here.

Still supporting these families that were first and longest in the Houston restaurant scene.

The marrow bone is on the “happy hour bar bites menu.” I will ask for no sauce next time.

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We supported El Tiempo several hours ago after attending a huge Astros win with several ritas, thank you Tyler Great White.

Supported them last week to the tune of about $175.

Still looking to go to Mandola’s.