Mandatory Tipping: What is your thought?

Come to think of it… after Britain has/will leave the Euro, will they still have the service compris.

Since it’s a cultural thing and not an EU directive, I dont know why they wouldnt. The UK isnt really a tipping culture, either.

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I was in Miami a couple of years ago and everywhere had the standard 15% added to the bottom of the bill. I understood it was because of the negative impact to tips from tourists who don’t really understand/agree with the tipping culture.

As one of those tourists it made life a lot easier for me as it gave mew some degree of confidence I was doing the right thing. If you are not brought up in a tipping culture its a very strange thing to get used to (price stickers that don’t include tax are another).


re: the doughnut shop with the service charge ( picture ).

This is why we end up having very detailed laws about the size of type, placement for announcing prices and service charges and extras.

For example, have you every noticed at gas stations how uniform signs for prices? Very details laws about being able to see the price as you’re driving up so you can decide whether to turn in.

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Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice… you cannot fool me again.

In honesty, fine prints are everywhere… they are so difficult to read… both because of the size of the text, but also the language.

Bed Bath and Beyond coupons have these tiny fine prints… Who read all that?

I do read the fine print, though before cataract surgery it was hard to do. I don’t want a kerfuffle with the sales clerk.


I used to… and then I was like… “I don’t have time to do this” and I just pay them whatever they want. :smiley:

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The middle third of today’s ATKRadio show was a thought-provoking segment on tipping, minimum wage, and service charges. There were sound (unintended) arguments on both sides, but I was particularly interested in the contributions of the author of “Forked” ( ), a book about the history and social policies around tipping.

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