Mancino's Pizzeria- West Long Branch

Gave them a shot tonight and was rewarded with great flavor.
Brooklyn Pie with Sausage Mozz Pecorino Plum Tomato and added Pepperoni on 1/2. High quality sausage and pepperoni, nice flavor from the Saporito Plum Tomatoes and light crust on the outside. The inside was a bit soggy and I saved for reheating. Real flavorful pie especially with some chili flakes and oregano.
The pineapple slices were for GF but wanted to show for those who may like that kind if thing.


It looks great, I remember when getting pizza or enjoying it wasn’t very complicated & you didn’t need a degree in Culinary Arts to understand what the local slice shop was up to. It’s a moot point for me anyway since I can’t eat “real” pizza anymore anyway.Now STAY OFF MY LAWN lol
Just saying. Enjoy

Pineapple on pizza? I demand you dump her on the spot!