[Manchester, VT] Spiral Press Cafe

Don’t bother unless you have plenty of time and/or are prepared to lose the will to live.

The café is attached to a lovely bookshop (they are separate businesses) and it seemed an ideal place to break our journey. The menu is basically sandwiches and salads. You order and collect from the counter and they have a large seating area for you to eat in.

So, we ordered. And waited. And waited more. In the end, we waited 25 minutes. It’s not as though they were busy. They weren’t. It is not as though they were short-staffed. They were not – three members of staff were preparing food. Bear in mind this is just sandwiches and salads. But, in those 25 minutes, the three members of staff only managed to prepare three other orders, before ours.

And it is not as though they were fantastic sandwiches. Or even quite good ones. A turkey, bacon, cheese, etc one managed to taste of nothing, except a vague overly sweet fruitiness from cranberry. And a houmous one also lacked flavour. Where was the garlic, lemon and tahini that are integral ingredients in any houmous?