[Manchester, UK] Partners dispute forces sale of mega restaurant.

We used to go to this mega South Asian buffet restaurant (although not for some years). Housed in an old cinema, it seats what must get on for 500 customers. I’ve never known it other than packed. The noise, just from normal conversations, can be deafening with so many people in there, often in large family groups. In its early days, most customers were Anglos but it’s customer base is now from the sub-continent. Food is now halal and no alcohol is served.

We’ve not been in HO times but this Chowhound review will give you a flavour of the place. Sad to see the business side of things badly affected over a number of years.


Wow, it’s a shame they couldn’t come to some sort of agreement, but times are tough anyway. I can’t say I’d ever want to eat in there myself. Looks claustrophobic, n matter how good the food might be. I do love these sort of places if they are bright enough - there’s a place I went in Leicester, recommended by a local, big buffet service and such great offerings. It’s hard to know how such places are during these interesting times. If it’s all servers behind the steam tables, it sort of works but I’m a sort of tiny sample of everything person in such venues, then go back for the things that I especially liked. And who will buy it nowadays? Very messy situation!