Manchester starts to reopen - constantly updated list


At last!

John, I’m just curious. Do you plan to eat indoors at any of the opened restaurants. I don’t think we will be, even in our hometown.

Hi June

There are few (if any) of our regular places that have outdoor space (or the weather to deal with it - this is the Rainy City, of course) so, if we’re going to start visiting again, I’m going to want to know how they are dealing with distancing, etc, inside. Three of our regulars are so far on the link. Two of them - Mamucium and Wood - have bags of space so I think they’ll be able to cope quite well. The third, Salvi, is in smaller premises and, unless they are cutting the number of customers right down, I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable going there just yet.

By co-incidence, we were only talking about this last night. We have around 20 places that we visit regularly (at least a couple of times a year). I think this will nudge us towards cutting that list down which is something we’ve always thought of doing but just found it too hard to scratch a place from the list.