[Manchester, NH] Daw Kun Thai

Stayed overnight near the Manchester airport the other night while skiing, and found this place by googling. It is a small joint with (from what I gather) a husband running the front of house and his wife doing all the cooking. They didn’t answer the phone so we drove there to place a takeout order, which we were told would take 45 minutes or so to be ready. Took more like 55, but wow, it was great. Beats the pants off of anything I have had recently in the Boston area. The menu is pretty standard, but everything we had (ga prow, tom yum noodle soup, yellow and massaman curries, pad thai) was bursting with flavor, just first-rate. They have been open since 2017, so relatively new. Give it a try if you’re in or passing through Manchester.


Nice report! Intel about these smaller mom-and-pop finds is so good to have.

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