Manchester - near Stoller Hall ? -only Mr H can save me now....

Morning John
Concert at the Stoller Hall this week. Annoyingly in work all day so unlikely to arrive in the Promised Land til 6, and it will be a prompt 7.30 kick off for the ‘gig’.
So, anywhere that’s near to the hall, prompt of service and tasty to boot ?
It always strikes me as on of your fair city’s (many ? )culinary blanks spots…:slight_smile:
Thanks in advance for your sage guidance…

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I hate to let you down, mate, but this one is a bit of a struggle. The immediate area is indeed a culinary desert.

The only place I know in that neck of the woods is Mamucium. It’s next to Victoria Station at the Hotel Indigo. It’s OK but no better than OK (although we’ve not been for quite a while, so it may be absolute shite now)

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Thanks anyway, John
A sandwich in the car it is :slight_smile:

Ended up at The Pasta factory on Shudehill. Place was very busy. Service friendly and brisk ( just what we needed ). Rigatoni carbonara for me. A decent if smallish portion, and quite salty, and that’s from someone not averse to salt. Bucatini with pesto and burrata ( and a few pine nuts ) for my mate . This was lovely, a rich pesto, made richer by the burrata, and a generous serving. A perfect pre concert pit stop, though there were obviously lots of other folk in for a ‘proper’ Friday night.
I’d consider going again if wandering the desert strip behind Victoria.