[Manchester, city centre] Yadgar

One of the several “curry cafes” in the Northern Quarter. I had been heading toward my favourite – the Little Aladdin. That’s come over all vegan recently and I wanted to give it a try but it was shut. So, it was round the corner to the Yadgar for a “rice and three”, for £5. For those not initiated into the curry café culture, that’s a big heap of rice and your choice of three curries from the dozen or so on offer that day. So, for me, that was lamb keema, a chickpea one and a potato & spinach one. Food is fine – spicy and very filling – just the thing for a chilly November lunch.

It’s served on disposable plates and, as is the custom in the cafes, there’s a glasses and a jug of water on the table.

Think of this as an Asian equivalent of your local greasy spoon