[Manchester, city centre] Rudy's Pizza

Back in the 1840s, my family lived on Loom Street in Ancoats. The men worked in the small iron foundries that were common in the district. By the 1860s, they were joined by Italians from the south of Italy. Quite a number arrived over the next 50 years. They brought their customs with them – making ice cream for example. Look at those ice cream vans that are still around the city – you’ll see names like Marco Rea, Sivori and Granelli.

No doubt, they would also eat pizza. So, it seems entirely right that there’s modern day pizza to be had – and that’s pizza in the Neopolitian style as would have been eaten round here 100 years ago. As for Rudy’s, it’s just been ranked as third best pizza in Europe by one travel industry website. That’s some hype to live up to – we had to go and see what’s what. Now, I have to say that we judge all pizzas against ones we had in a backstreet place in Bardolino on Lake Garda. And it’s fair to say, that Rudy’s doesn’t beat it. But it’s a close run thing.

These are big pizza, overflowing the plate. Thin, just cooked dough, so not generally crispy but nicely chewy. And with blackened bits on the crust. And a range of toppings that are “proper” – none of this Hawaiian or tikka masala nonsense. And, as you’d expect with a “proper” Italian pizza, the amount of toppings are not overdone. For one of us, a capricciosa – ham , olives, mushroom, artichokes – and for the other a tarantina – the twang from anchovies, olives and capers.

There’s a handful of starters and a couple of desserts but the pizza was fine for lunch.


Nice backstory to set up your pizza comments, John.

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Thanks , JIm

By the by, there was another family of the same surname living on that street in 1841. I’ve never been able to tie the two together - which is shame because it was headed by man called John.

Have been to the Liverpool branch a couple of times.
Good authentic style pizzas, as John says.
No frills but who wants faffiness over a pizza ?
Helpful friendly staff too.
Rarely, for me, had a beer this lunchtime. Ironically from a Manchester based brewery

Worth checking out their fruity/tropical ales :slight_smile:


And, in fact, they’re also based in Ancoats - or, as its becoming known, “Scrancoats”

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