[Manchester, city centre] Middle Kingdom

Last time we ate here, it was quite a disappointing experience with the food lacking the flavours you expect from Sichuan food. In truth we didn’t intend to return but our search for another Sichuan place didn’t turn up anywhere without appallingly low “scores on the doors” from the food hygiene people. Why such places are allowed to continue trading beats me. So, it was a few minutes walk from Chinatown down Princess Street for dinner.

We stuck to the tried and trusted dishes we’ve ordered in the past, both of them Sichuan classics. That’s the green beans with chilli and little nuggets of pork and gong bao chicken. No complaints about the food this time but service was awful. My partner had ordered the green beans and was able to get stuck in. But there was no sign of my chicken. Eventually it turned up. By then the rice, already claggy, was barely warm.

Maybe we’re just not feted to enjoy Sichuan food in the city any more.

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So disappointed! :frowning: I wonder what happened.

Yeah, sorry about this, Jan. I’d hoped to be the bringer of good news for your future trip to the Rainy City.

I can only conclude that “something” was going on in the kitchen so that the chef was only cooking one dish at a time. There was a large party of young Chinese also seemingly just getting one dish at time which must have pissed them off as well. Hopeless.

I went there once and a coach load arrived at the same time as I. I did everything I could to ensure I got my order in before they did. :joy:

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