[Manchester, city centre] Little Aladdin

Probably my favourite amongst the Northern Quarter’s lunchtime “curry cafes”. As with most of the others, the popular deal is the “rice and three”. Big heap of rice and your choice of three curries from the selection of several on offer that day. So, that’ll be a lamb keema, spinach and a quite poky chickpea one. There’s bowls of coriander on the counter to perk up your plate. And no need to buy a drink as there’s a jug of water on the three tables that they have for eating in. Yes, only three tables – it is the little Aladdin after all.


Do they have lots of people eating carry out meals? How do they make a living??

I don’t think I’ve seen takeaway at any the curry cafes.

Other places are larger and busy so I can how they make a profit. As for the Aladdin, I dunno - but they must be doing something right as they’ve had something of a refurbishment since I was last there.