[Manchester, city centre] Eastzeast

Since we last ate here, Eastzeast has become something of a mini chain, with three branches in the metro area, along with one in Liverpool and another in Birmingham.
Has it affected the quality of the food? No, it hasn’t. This is still good grub.

Starters were particularly enjoyable. There was chana puri – nice crisp puri topped with a chickpeas in a well balanced sauce. And there was paneer tikka – a generous helping of the cheese, coated in spices before being cooked through in the tandoor and served up with a little salad.

For a main course, Veggie Vera opted not to go for her standard aloo gobi, instead ordering a mixed vegetable bhuna, from the “old school favourites” section of the menu. These curry house offerings are tucked away at the bottom of the menu.

I’m always drawn to the restaurant’s “Punjabi desi” section, hoping that I might be getting something more traditional – but, hey, how am I going to know? Whether traditional or not, I’ve always enjoyed the food from this section and this visit was no exception. Peshawari chicken sounded good and so it was. Decent amount of chicken, chunks of tomato and green chilli, matchsticks of ginger and a quite poky sauce. Made me glad I’d ordered a calming lassi to drink.

Carbs were fine – fluffy rice and crisp roti.

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