[Manchester, city centre] China City

We picked this place for lunch for no other reason than it has Chinatown’s highest environmental health “scores on the doors” rating, with a 4. There are number of other places that score 3 which I’d be happy to eat in but, disappointingly, about 50% of restaurants there are only scored 1 or 2 – and that’s just too low for me to want to risk my digestive system. The menu is bog standard Cantonese offerings.

My order of spring onion pancakes was not my best ever starter choice. Three “ring doughnuts” had been deepfried so were crisp but very dry. Just not very pleasant to eat, in spite of a good spring onion flavour in the filling.

I followed that with a stirfry of pork, vegetables and cashew nuts. My partner went with a similar, but vegetarian, dish – a stir fry of mixed veg, pak choy, broccoli and cashews. Steamed rice as the carb. Both dishes were OK, with a little indeterminate clingy sauce, but neither were memorable.

China City is just down Faulkner Street from the excellent Ho’s Bakery which sorted us out afternoon tea at home with honey buns and a melon cake (think an Eccles cake with a melon paste instead of currants).