[Manchester, city centre] Albert Square Chop House

It’s the January sales – and the Chop House participates, offering 50% off food costs. It makes it a bargain to be snapped up. The Albert Square Chop House is the newer and posher of the three sites – Mr Thomas’ being the more pubby place and Sam’s being the original (and our favourite).

Corned beef hash features at both starter and main. At starter it comes as a cake, mixed with potato, crumbed and fried. There’s a poached egg on top and a slick of their own version of HP brown sauce (and they don’t do a bad job of it). That was followed by homity pie, featuring Mrs Kirham’s Lancashire as the cheese, with potato and onion, and bound by a cauliflower puree. It was fine, but could have done with a couple of minutes more in the oven to fully crisp the pastry and make sure it was absolutely piping hot. It says it comes with seasonal leaves and so it did, if only they were all frisee.

Tongue & cheek is, no doubt, titled tongue in cheek but it’s a little belter of starter. Long cooked beef, wafer thin shavings of differently coloured crisp carrots and a carrot puree. It was offaly good, as was the main course. That was a steak & kidney pudding that was about as far away from a Hollands pudding from the local chippy that you’d want to get. Here was thick suet pastry, but not overly thick. The “baby’s head” was packed full of powerfully flavoured beef with a goodly presence of kidney, cut not too small. There’s chips, of course (another minute in the fryer would have given a better colour). And mushy peas. And, to remind yourself that you’re in the north, a separate jug of gravy.

Proper food. Done properly.


I think you just answered my question to you elsewhere. So albert square chop house is the fanciest! thanks for that. I had a steak and kidney pudding in the leeds chop house some years ago and was disappointed - thought my own was actually more tasty, not what I want to have happen when I go out and spend good money! we ate in sam’s once before and it was good but looking for a more modern atmosphere this time so perhaps will try this one and report back.

I decided to have breakfast here one morning. sad to say I didn’t enjoy any of it. bad news bearer alert:

  • the ‘freshy squeezed orange juice’ was definitely not. no pulp in there and no real orange taste
  • the corned beef hash wasn’t good and why top it with bacon? I don’t understand. It just wasn’t yummy enough and too chunky to be a real hash - I used lots of A1 sauce so I could eat it. my partner ate the egg - i don’t like them and said it wasn’t great (he’s fussy with poached eggs)
  • i asked for a side order of black pudding which was from a package and so-so
  • we had pikelets. they arrived minus the promised jam (we’d given up by then) - and the pikelets were hard and also more than likely from a package

i have no idea why the meal was so disappointing but it put me off wanting to return for dinner the next day

sorry @Harters