(Manchester) Avalanche

We decided to go to Avalanche during the 50% January sale.

We definitely enjoyed it. We had

  • Costata di Vitello alla Piemontese (ordinarily £20.95)
    Veal chops served over asparagus finished in a creamy mushroom truffle sauce
    This was one chop, perfectly grilled with a delicious sauce. We ate it between us and it was plenty
  • Ravioli aragosta (ordinarily £15.95)
    Lightly poached lobster ravioli, cray fish, cherry tomatoes finished in a creamy sauce
    I ate only a couple because I have a shellfish allergy that lurks and leaps out at me every once in a while. The ravioli were tender and the filling was very nice. this would have been nice in a lighter lemon sauce but it was delicious

We also shared a plate of mixed desserts - a tiramisu, a piece of chocolate cake and cheesecake with some chocolate and strawberry ice cream. This was a bit disappointing but only because if I’m going to have dessert I want something OTT gloopy and scrumptious and this was a bit tame. When it comes to dessert, bring on the excesses!

The space is really nice. Interesting icicle décor - is that the only Avalanche theme? - and a nice open kitchen. The service was very attentive and helpful. I’d go back and skip the dessert next time.

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Making noodles. Phongdien Town, Cantho City, Southern Vietnam.
Credit: CiaoHo