“ MANA KITCHEN, Hwy#7 / Kennedy, Markham “ - If ‘Hong Kong Cafe Style Food’ is your thing, then this hidden gem is a ‘must-try‘ for you!

We came to this relatively new-kid-on-the-block with one special dish in mind and man!..am I glad we did!

Confirming verdicts from a few fellow foodies preceding my visit……Yes! Mana Kitchen does indeed offer one of the best if not THE BEST tasting Singaporean style Hainanese Chicken Rice in town! Their rendition, composing a generous portion of exemplary prepared, silky smooth and flavourful free-range chicken paired with well seasoned and fragrant coconut / chicken fat infused rice plus a duo of delicious dipping sauces is undeniably a gratifying culinary piece of art…and that ’ full of umami essence ’ chicken, winter melon soup! Wow!!! :yum: :kissing_heart:

To the above, we also augmented it with a few of the following note-worthy house specials:

  • an authentic tasting, baked Macau style Portuguese Chicken Rice Casserole
  • a greaseless, super-size and super-crispy fried Japanese Tonkatsu Pork Cutlet
    paired with spicy Sichuan Dan-Dan ‘pea-nutty’ soup ramen noodles
  • a Boeuf Bourguignon look alike Asian influenced Red Wine Braised Beef
  • a jumbo size Taiwanese Fried Chicken Leg……

During the ordering process, a whole slew of popular Pan-Asian street food favorites, elevated to ‘foodie approval level‘ and incorporating some interesting twists also caught our eyes…….may be next time?!

The spectrum of food and beverage coverage spread over multiple well-presented and illustrated Menus. A full page was dedicated to some intriguing and tasty drink selections……eg.,The burnt brown sugar Caramel Bubble Milk Tea was exceptionally delicious, most importantly, not overly sweet! The exotic Mango and Pomelo drink with Coconut jello, another.

Overall, the wide selection of delectable, well executed and well priced food, will for sure surprise and satisfy most palates!

For my next visit, I have already singled out for ordering, the following tier of house specials to try :- Baked duo of Meat Ragu and Fried Pork-Chop in Cheese and Tomato Sauce Rice Casserole; Rare sliced beef and instant noodle, Satay Broth Hot Pot; an elaborate looking, fully dressed, multi-decker Club Sandwich; Southern Fried Chicken and Waffle……to name a few!

Be warned! If making an impromptu visit on a weekend, be prepared to wait! The wait-line that extended from the reception area onto the pavement, at around 7.00 pm, when we left, was at least 2 score people long!..Why these patrons did not make advanced reservations on a busy weekend really puzzles me?!:thinking:


Thanks for the post, Charles. Will make sure to visit next time I’m in Markham.


Thanks, Charles!

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