Man Vs. Food

I don’t know if any of you were fans of this show, I use to find it entertaining and would watch it if I caught it while flipping through channels. I found the format and the (original) host Adam Richman to be entertaining.

Last night with nothing else on I was guilty of flipping through the cable guide and saw this so I put it on, I had known Adam has moved on, this was the first time I watched with the new host. WOW…did I dislike the show(s) I watched.

Honestly they should have probably updated or revamped the format for the new host, while I do find him difficult to watch (I never got the impression Adam might actually stroke out during a challenge) I think trying to fit someone new into the same exact format was a mistake.

Sometimes just inserting a new person into a spot that was designed for someone else just doesn’t work and I think this is one of those examples. I also question weather the new host, Casey Webb was also the best choice they had.

Anyone else watched the show lately?

It’s recently started to be shown in the UK. I always enjoyed it with Adam but I watched one episode with the new guy. I didnt take to him at all and haven’t watched any more.

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