Mamma Guidara's at The NoMad Bar (Manhattan)

On Sunday evenings, the very popular NoMad Bar morphs into an old-fashioned Italian-American restaurant called Mamma Guidara’s, the brainchild of Co-owners Will Guidara (whose father ran the famous Mamma Leone’s in NYC) and Chef Daniel Humm. We’ve been to Mamma Guidara’s twice and thoroughly enjoyed it. This blog post describes our dinner in October. Reservations are on Tock Tix (no payment in advance required).

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Nice descriptions and lovely pictures, as always. What did the December dinner cost?


@fooddabbler, Thanks for the kind words! Sorry I wasn’t able to get back here sooner to answer you. I appreciate @TheGforceNY stepping in to provide the cost info. The price per person is the same this year.

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I know this thread is about the bar, but am I the only person who was thoroughly unimpressed with their meal at NoMad? I took my parents and siblings last spring and nobody enjoyed their food, including the popular truffle chicken (way too rich and seriously lacked balance in flavor profile) and seafood platter. I thought it was one of the most overpriced and forgettable meals I’d eaten at the time and I hated the scene-iness. This was one night after we’d dined at The Four Seasons (r.i.p.) of all places, where I had a far more enjoyable experience overall (yes, incl. the meal itself!), for whatever that’s worth.

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