Mamma Francesca, New Rochelle launches Sunday buffet brunch...

Visited Mamma Francesca in New Rochelle for the premier of their first all you can eat Sunday buffet brunch and it was a colorful site. Took a quick count and it featured about 40 selections: fresh salads, omelet station to pastas and carving board to desserts. The buffet line wrapped around the entire center of the restaurant and bar/lounge area. Patrons were able to eat in the rear greenhouse overlooking the Sound, or in the main dining room in the front. I managed two platters and a couple of cocktails before I gave up…
According to proprietor Nick DiCostanzo, they plan to serve the brunch every Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. or so. Cost is $28 per person.


I’m curious about the specific dishes that were available. What did you try?

The full menu should be listed on Mamma’s website barring any changes. But in my case, I started with an omelet, side of potatoes, salad and rolls, fruit and some Italian antipasti. On my second attack I went for fresh cuts of roast beef and pork loin, meatballs and some pasta. Beverages, too. Left desserts behind…

Prime rib or roast beef, was the beef offered rare, med, wd?
Was there a sauce offered to accompany the pork loin?
What kind of pasta did you sample?
I have a couple of friends who worked there a very long time ago.
The food really was fabulous as stated in the article on their website … but I’m
talking about years ago, how does it compare now?

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There was plenty of everything to go along with everything. Of the several pastas offered, I simply went with rigatoni. And I do not like to confuse a lot of sauces. The roast, I had it sliced medium. As I stated, there must have been about 40 choices on the buffet line.
It reminded me of the fabulous Sunday brunch buffet served at Gaucho Grill in White Plains…

The menu on the site is vague as well, which is why I was curious about the specific dishes that were offered.

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During my birthday week, which happens to coincide with Father’s Day, I have been tracking down a few of my personal favorite indulgences. Stopped in at Mamma’s last night for Nick’s superb Rabbit Cacciatore. I have always enjoyed the version served here: tender chunks of breast on the bone, leg and livers served in a delectable natural garlicky gravy. I requested the side of pasta with the same sauce. Always like Mamma’s house made pizza bread to lap up the juices.
Nice view of the New Rochelle boating clubs, too.

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