Mambo Seafood Houston Long Point

Hadn’t been in a couple of couple of years even though I work close by.

The music is deafening, I opened with a half dozen oysters on the half shell, not bad at 7.50.

I got some fried rice and street corn to go, really good and the Wifeacita destroyed the street corn.

We’ll be back.


This is a chain I’ve often wondered about as I pass the location on BW8. Interesting there’s fried rice on the menu. Reminds me of (I think) Golden Seafood, which I used to call the Mexican Chinese Seafood place which had fried rice and a big grilled jalapeno on every plate. I haven’t been there in 20 years or more.

I am craving elote though, I thought I’d have to wait until warmer weather when the good corn comes in.

Having grown corn many times there is a very limited harvest time down here, less than a month. I’m guessing the corn comes from Mexico, go for it, it’s delicious.



This thread needs some corn pics!