[Malton, North Yorkshire] The Talbot

The Talbot’s origins are as an 18th century coaching inn and I reckon the same level of good hospitality probably applied then as now. We went for dinner on a Sunday, when they change their normal menu to focus on roasts.

We nabbed the last two beef – there was also lamb, pork and chicken. It’s a very generous serving of flavoursome meat and all of the roasts come with the same accompaniments. There’s Yorkshire pudding, of course. And roasted vegetables – potatoes, parsnips and carrots. A tasty chunk of stuffing probably worked less well with the beef than with the pork or chicken. And, as you hope, a really good gravy. Now, if that wasn’t enough, the server also brought along a bowl of mixed veg – cabbage, peas and Chantanay carrots, a bowl of cauliflower and a jug of more gravy. No-one is going away hungry from Sunday dinner at the Talbot.

Having passed on a starter (none had appealed), we ordered desserts. Now, to be frank, as often the case, they weren’t worth the calories. Creme brulee.came topped with a fruit puree which made it all a bit overly sloppy. And a Yorkshire pudding sundae came filled with a couple of scoops of ice cream (vanilla and caramel) and a sprinkle of crumbs from a ginger cake. Both were OK, but no better than OK.

Coffee was good and they came with a shot glass filled with Maltesers. Nice end to a good dinner