Malik Williams | Aptos - Santa Cruz County

I have to admit, after reading a nice piece in Edible profiling a young chef opening a higher-end eponymous restaurant my first reaction was “this guy must be delusional”. Making a success of it with little industry experience (to my mind) seems a far reach. Perhaps a decade ago when the area was profoundly lacking in more aspirational dining options if would entail less risk. Since then, we’ve seen a new crop of places open to serve this market: I’m thinking of Alderwood, VIM, Barceloneta, Home, Trestles, and the underrated Persephone (along side stalwarts like Gabriella Cafe and La Posta).

I admire his audacity and truly wish him the best in pulling it off. They have emerged from the soft opening phase, so I’m hoping my mid-April reservation will allow for a fair appraisal of what they can do.

Has anyone had a chance to check it out?

BTW, I’m a CH refugee and am enjoying catching up on some of the threads over here.


Wish him well. Born and raised in the live oak community of Santa Cruz . Bravo
From one native to another. I’m trying to figure the property he took over .

Warm welcome!!

We go to Santa Cruz from time to time. Any favorites of yours in this list?