Malaikottai ( chettinad ) [ Fremont ]

I finally took a trip over to Fremont and tried a newer Chettinad place.

TL;DR Good, and worth another trip, but does not displace Aachi Aapakadi or Anjappar in my affections.

Atmosphere is solid, similar to the two other places, but smaller than both. “Down home” conversion of some previous restaurant space, with booths in some parts, and some christmas lights. Typical brusk indian service, get used to it.

Food: I had some kind of spicy soup, which was excellent. Spicy, deep, rich.

I then had the pepper chicken, top of the non-veg area, and found it lacking. It was strong in cinnemon spice, but lacked some of the normal depth of the dish ( which the other two places have ). Caveat: after that soup, perhaps my taste buds were a bit blown. Maybe it was the end of the vat or something.

Paratha was crazy good, almost roti-like in its succulence.

Menu was fairly long, with dosas and some manchurian. No Appams ( even though the menu says they will cater appams ).

Other details: No alcohol. Open till 10 ( and that means people were walking in at 9:45 and it was still somewhat hopping ).

Share and enjoy,

We had been going there since they opened and it had been just as good as Aachi Aapakadi. Both Meat and Vegetarian items were richly spiced and not timid with the Chili heat.
Unfortunately we went a few weeks ago and found everything a little dull. I asked the Host if there had been a Chef change. He so no and asked why and I explained. I was told that many of the customers had said it was too spicy so they had toned it down.
A shame really. I was very happy to have a Chettinadi Restaurant so much closer to me but now…

sad sad sad sad. I wish I had known, I would have brought to their attention that the food was not proper chettinad and I would likely not come back.