[Malacca, Malaysia]- Some advice on specifics.

Hi. I will be in Malacca in a couple of days. I have been before and will return to some faved but this time the missus is with me. Would prefer recs within a 20 min walk of Jonkers Walk apart from the Mall rec. Will get a cab for anything that 's a not miss.

  1. Nyonya Restaurant?

I was thinkingNancy’s

I have been eaten at Nancy’s on a previous visit to Malacca . Some good dishes but not amazing. I have also had Nyonya food at Mama’s in Penang which I preferred. However this time I will be in Malacca with someone who has never had Nyonya cooking and am thinking of going back to Nancys as it might be good as an introduction.

Also it has chicken and candlenut on the menu and has the mousse style otak otak which I love rather than the harder fishcake version which is more prevalent in Malacca.

Donald and Lilly is a possibility but I’m unsure of the menu. Also considering Aunty Lee’s but this would mean a cab and be an evening thing so would need reservations? Any thoughts.

  1. Is Baba Low still a good bet for laksa?

  2. A rec for a good cendol amd rojak place.

  3. We need to visit a mall so we may as well hit one with a good food court. Any advice would be good, especially specific stalls.



  1. Nancy’s Kitchen is always a good bet. Other good alternatives for Southern-style Nyonya food (prevalent in Malacca and Singapore, and different from Northern-style Nyonya cuisine you find in Penang) are:

a) Aunty Lee
385, Jalan Ujong Pasir, Taman Sinn, 75050 Melaka, Malaysia
Operating hours: 11.30am–3pm (lunch), 6–10pm (dinner)
Tel: +60 6-283 1009
Although Aunty Lee herself has since passed on, her successor has been able to reproduce her dishes remarkably well, and the restaurant - a 10-minutes’ Uber ride out of Melaka’s Jonkers St/old town centre) is well worth it. Make a reservation ahead.

b) Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuisine
75, Jalan Melaka Raya 24
Taman Melaka Raya
75000 Malacca, Malaysia
Operating hours: 11:30am–2:30pm, 6–9:30pm
Tel: +60 6-286 8819
Amy Koh has always been invited to represent Malaysia in food festivals in New York/United Nations’ head office. But service can be extremely slow. MUST book ahead.

  1. I’ve always preferred Donald & Lily’s Nyonya laksa over the one at Baba Low. The former has more finesse and also better ingredients, plus more other choices on the menu. Go early as D&L is perpetually crowded these days. Take note of their new location - another short Uber ride from Jonkers St.

Donald and Lily Restaurant (New Location)
No 16 (Ground Floor), Jalan KSB 1, Taman Kota Shahbandar
75200 Malacca, Malaysia

I don’t have a good rec for cendol in Malacca, as the best one is a rather inconvenient ride out of town (https://www.chowhound.com/post/malacca-malaysia-cendol-aunty-kohs-bukit-rambai-1016530).
Donald & Lily is famous for their rojak, but it’s Malacca-style and blander than its Penang cousin.

I usually don’t look for eats in a mall, but Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall seems to be their most centrally located on, right next to the Portuguese ruins. Lots of eateries there, including food court, too.


For dessert http://messywitchen.com/dining/malaysia/melaka/famous-putu-piring-at-jalan-tengkera-melaka/

Pork satay @ Xiang Ji esp. the crispy grilled small intestines http://www.broughtup2share.com/2011/10/malacca-food-trip-kedai-satay-xiang-ji-jalan-portugis/

This is fairly hardcore, not recommended if you’re not up to dining in a dark back alley http://www.vkeong.com/eat/back-alley-siham-lala-snail-cuttlefish-tong-bees-stall-off-jalan-bunga-raya-melaka/

Thanks. Helpful as ever.

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I’ve been travelling around Asia for 13 months now and 10 of those in India so a lot of dining in alleys and the like :grinning:

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