Making your own holiday gift basket in Ontario- what would you include?

Which items would you include?

In the past, I’ve sent Soma chocolates, and I’ve sent a gift basket with Indian spices and spice kits.

Last year, I sent some people local coffee & chocolate (Fraktail’s or Dufflets, and coffee from Las Chicas). Other years, I’ve sent spice blends from Sanagan’s or The Spice Trader.

I also made one big gift box with some local chocolate bars from London, Ontario, some local maple syrup, maple pop corn, local chips and umami salt.

Some years, I’ve gifted panettone, either imported panettone or locally made panettone. So far this year, I’ve dropped off one Sicilian chocolate and cherry panettone that I found at Eataly.

I think I will include a jar of Zing chili crisp in one package.

What would you send to people out of province? What would you like to receive?

For gifting to people in Toronto, I’ve arranged to have Tourtières and a bottle of egg nog delivered by Sanagan’s a couple times. I have sent another friend local salami and cheese from Sanagan’s as well.

I also sent a bottle of Nanaimo Bar Cream and a bottle of rye made by 40 Creek to a friend a couple years ago.

I was lucky to receive a Monforte cheese gift box in a Secret Santa exchange 2 years ago.


I always include Mary Macleod’s and have always received positive comments on it. I also miss their storefront for their free cookes :wink:

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My mothers lives in the town where Hummingbird chocolate, Equator coffee and Dairy Distillery Vodkow Cream are made, so I often pick these up for gifts. Also lots of random things from a gourmet food store and homemade preserves. This year, Apple and rose hip jelly and beet relish, both from River Cottage preserves.

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Personally I really enjoy the maple sugar candy !

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Who says no?

We are the beneficiaries of Persians from the Persian man in Thunder Bay most years. Frosting comes in a plastic thing on side.

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I love it when anyone sends me something along those lines, put together with some thought and love. Just include things you like!

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Oh cool. Didn’t know that could be sent. I still haven’t tried a Persian.

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You know there’s also a Nanaimo bar Imperial Porter from Muskoka Brewery but I haven’t tried it myself. It was intriguing though.

  • Definitely Soma (pretty much everything), also Odile chocolates (great fruit peels).
  • Coach House shortbread - especially cheddar chipotle.
  • Forbes has wonderful foraged products. The dried mushrooms are all great. Cloudberry compote, hairy skunk currant jam, choke cherry jelly are all great. Ox-eye daisy capers, spruce tips, and pickled milkweed pods go great with smoked salmon.
  • Kozlik’s mustards.
  • Longo’s has cute mini panettone.

I started picking up some items around town.

I bought some Pluck Teas at the AGO gift shop, that are inspired by various paintings .

Heading to Barbershop Patisserie tomorrow to pick up some David Chow candies.


I love the Abokichi spicy miso sauces and they have a new sansho pepper miso one that everyone is getting this year.


Agree. They are all very tasty, including the new sansho pepper. They also have very good (and a bit pricey) make-at-home ramen. The ramen is both vegan and gluten-free, although we just enjoyed it for the flavour.


Not really a gift basket item but a definite holiday treat for those who don’t want to make it themselves (the recipe is in the cookbook): the PDC Tourtière from

Expensive? Check!
Non-shippable in a gift basket? Check!
Delicious? Err… I’ve never tried the frozen version.


Thanks for the link!! I didn’t think we could get frozen PDC Tourtière in the GTA!

I have bought Sanagan’s Tourtière, and this year, Sanagan’s is also selling Cassoulet.


I stopped by Alimentari yesterday, and stocked up on David Chow Peppermint melts and mint malt balls. I also picked up some panforte.

2 of the DIY gifts I am sending.


So pretty! I was just at AGO this week-end for the Cohen Exhibit, and got myself some Pluck maple Roibos tea…

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Nice exhibition, eh? I saw it the day I purchased the tea , too.

I sent some Pluck maple rooibos tea to a cousin in the States.

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I was close to Almonte twice this fall, on two trips to Ottawa and back. I wish I had made a detour!

Vodcow has some neat stuff - I wasn’t familiar with it.

Neat stuff. I’ve bought Hummingbird Chocolate at FarmBoy in London and Toronto.

Yes, I’ve enjoyed the Mary McLeod’s I’ve received as gifts over the years.

I picked up a traditional stollen and chocolate-dipped stollen at Noctua in the Junction today.

Would have stopped for cookies at Barbershop Patisserie, since they’ve been posting photos of their cookie assortment, but they were closed. Looks like they don’t open for pickup until Friday.

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