Majordomo (Chinatown Adjacent)

Anyone who calls this location “Chinatown,” is really out of their minds. There are some warehouse businesses, but it’s about 5-10 minutes (depending on street lights and how fast you drive) from the heart of Chinatown.
Majordomo is back and serving dinner, again. We did try their pandemic takeout a couple of times, and were really excited to be back in for a normal times dinner, again.
It was a pleasure to share an fun meal with a crew of food-loving folks.

Kusshi Oysters - kimchi consommé & kombu mignonette
These were solid oysters…shucked well and the right balance of meaty, creamy, briny. These could give my beloved Island Creeks a run for their money. Many thanks to @js76wisco for the inspiration.

Heirloom Tomatoes - stone fruit, sherry vinaigrette, sesame
Highlight! I love it when a restaurant can give vegetables and fruit the same reverence as proteins. This salad is is savory, sweet, sour, umami…we couldn’t get enough.

Marinated Summer Squash - sesame, mint, krill
Another Highlight! The squash was seared on a grill and the sauce was spiced with a hit of the fried shrimp. I loved it.

(Not pictured) Stuffed Peppers - shishitos, Benton’s sausage, buttermilk ranch
Forgot to take a photo. This was good, and I was thrilled to not get a spicy one.

Crispy Potatoes - crunchy rye, lemon mayo
Who doesn’t love a good crispy potato with a bright mayo with Japanese garlic chili crisp?

Bing Board - chickpea honzon, spicy lamb, Benton’s Reserved Country ham, butter & honey
The fluffiest batch of bing I’ve ever had. This was exceptional. The winning bite was butter, honey and ham.

Steamed Whole Rockfish - dashi, charred bok choy, tomatoes, rice
Pro trip: ask for extra dashi and pour it all over the fish and rice. Supple rockfish that sang with the accoutrements.

Whole Plate Short Rib with Beef Fried Rice - ssam-style, marinated radish, kimchi, seasoned sesame oil, ssamjang
The rice noodle wrappers were not available this night…they might not be part of the set anymore. But we did need extra butter lettuce and perilla leaves to make our ssam packets. The rice is so good! Love the kick of horseradish in it. This dish remains a solid choice if you are dining with a crew.

Pavlova - stone fruit, shiso
This was a tad more savory with the addition of the shiso, but I’m pretty sure the meringue itself was a little savory, too. There was quite a bit more chew to this pavlova than I normally expect, but it was a nice way to end the evening.

SURPRISE! Rice Pudding - coconut rice pudding, black sugar syrup, turbinado sugar, breadcrumbs, cocoa nibs, cherry/marionberry jam, marionberry, nectarines
The team apparently didn’t think we had ordered enough. We got an off-menu offering inspired by Pinkberry yogurt bars…the fluffiest and creamy rice pudding was made using Arborio rice and then you choose your own adventure by topping it however you’d like. It’s still a work in progress, but it was really good!

Service was great. The team is working really hard under tough conditions as they are still short-staffed. They really want to make your dinner special, and it shows. So happy to be back in the dining room with them…and the exceptional company I had to share this meal!


Damn, that beef fried rice looks so good right about now. Lovely meal!

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Forgot the Pavlova photo