Maine MEat, Kittery

beetlebug over on CH first posted about this place last December and I went twice over the summer. Looking around for a place to meet a friend who lives in Concord NH for lunch, we settled on Kittery and I went back to Maine MEat yesterday. Much has been written about their pork chops and I stocked up on a bunch of those. I also bought some flat iron steaks (which I had and loved last summer) and two of their special (eg, not regular) sausages: chorizo and saltimbocca (the later of which has prosciutto, sage, garlic and white wine). Also bought some ground beef-bacon mix, some housemade kielbasa and some loin lamb chops. They are happy to cryovac everything for the freezer which is great. Taking a cue from beetlebug I called ahead and placed a lot of my order on Friday, then just added a few things when I arrived on Sunday.

I also bought some of the amazing marinated sheep-goat feta (which they call “crack cheese”). beetlebug has identified this as coming from Meredith Dairy and I just bought a tub of that from Wegmans to verify that it is the same. At Maine MEat 4 cubes is about $10, the tub I got from Wegmans has 5 cubes for $9.99. Spendy but oh so incredibly tasty. That was dinner last night along with Castelvetrano olives and cherry tomatoes.

Will report on the meat as I try it. This place is definitely worth a drive.

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I’ve heard this place mentioned, but have missed reports about their pork chops; what makes them so special? I’m very interested to hear your experiences with their meat as you cook it.

@boston_otter the best way to describe their pork chops is they taste like pork chops used to taste. They have tons of flavor and they have fat, sometimes even more fat than I want (but it’s high quality so if I trim it I try to repurpose it). You can pan fry them and actually have a succulent piece of meat instead of shoe leather. Have I sold you yet? :wink: I have not reported back so far because have not had the opportunity to do much cooking since I went up there.

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